Ernest & Pearl Beutler Farm Family Photos
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AC, model B our first tractor, 1941

Adam Beutler, 1st grade, 1972

Adam Beutler, age 8, 1973


Beutler cars in garage

Beutler children, Melvin, Lois, Wesley, Garth 1956

Beutler Coat of Arms history

Beutler Coat of Arms

Beutler family 1944

Beutler family (part) 1963

Beutler family 1958

Beutler family 1962

Beutler family heritage house

Beutler family vacation at Yellowstone 1953

Beutler family, Lloyd's VW

Beutler Farm Home 1

Beutler Farm Home 2

Beutler Farm Home 3

Beutler farm house kitchen

Beutler farm house

Beutler farm water from well

Beutler, Ernest & Pearl family reunion 2008-2

Beutler, Ernest & Pearl family reunion 2008

Beutler, Ernest & Pearl marriage licence

Beutler, Ernest & Pearl's new home

Beutler, Ernest Felix

Beutler, Ernest, priesthood line of authority

Beutler, Pearl 1989

Beutler, Pearl robe

Beutler, Pearl wedding dress

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Ernest & Pearl, wed day

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Ernest & Pearl,2

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Ernest & Pearl

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Garth & Joyce

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Ione & Jay, how we met

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Ione & Jay

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Ivan & Lucy

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Lloyd & Kandis

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Lois & Joel

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Mark & Joyce

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Melvin & Carol

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Ruth Ann & Bill

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Ruth Ann & Morris

Beutler, wed indiv title pg, Wesley & Roxane

Clifton Junior High School

Coalinga Ward Relief Society news


Cousins at Schwartzs, dolls

Cousins, Uncle Walt Parade 2

Cousins, Uncle Walt parade

Cows and Haystack

Daddy and Wesley on Jackson fork 1965

Daddy and Wesley, haying 1965

Daddy at sugar beet harvest time

Daddy on tractor

Dairy Herd article

Dayton Chapel, 1956

Dayton grade school

Dayton Post Office

Drawing of loading hay 1

Drawing of loading hay 2

Drawing of milking cows

Drawings of farm equipment

Early Dayton church

EF Beutler handwritten mission diary p1

EF Beutler handwritten mission diary p2

EF Beutler handwritten mission diary p3

EF Beutler handwritten mission diary p4



EFB farm property overview

EFB love note to Pearl on back of photo,1937

EFB Prize Guernsey herd

EFB surrounding farm property overview

EFBeutler and boys, summer 1952

EFBeutler dairy herd

EFBeutler driving team of Jenson horses

EFBeutler family farm 1963

EFBeutler family farm 1967

EFBeutler Family on front porch, 1959

EFBeutler Family, 1956

EFBeutler funeral program, 1986

EFBeutler sons & dau and spouses, Mom funeral 5-01

EFBeutler sons milking cows

EFBeutler thumbnail family 1

EFBeutler thumbnail family 2

EFBeutler thumbnail family 3

Ernest & Pearl Beutler 1949

Ernest & Pearl Beutler 1975

Ernest & Pearl Beutler 1981

Ernest & Pearl Beutler wedding photo

Ernest & Pearl marriage day May 9, 1936

Ernest and Pearl - at time of mission calls

Ernest Beutler at WHC yodeling contest, 1984

Ernest Beutler driving Jenson's team

Ernest Beutler Family 2

Ernest Beutler family 3

Ernest Beutler Family at Wesley's wedding 1977

Ernest Beutler Family

Ernest Beutler Liahona singers car 1937

Ernest Beutler Liahona singers car 2, 1937

Ernest Beutler mission card, dec 1935

Ernest Beutler mission contributions, p1

Ernest Beutler mission contributions, p2

Ernest Beutler missionary singers 1936-37

Ernest Beutler photo 2

Ernest F Beutler obituary

Ernest F Beutler, resting

Ernest F Beutler

Ernest letter to Pearl, 1933 (1)

Ernest letter to Pearl, 1933 (2)

Ernest letter to Pearl, 1937 (1)

Ernest letter to Pearl, 1937 (2)

Eve 6, Melvin Beutler family b-w

Franklin County courthouse

Franklin Stake Center

G Schwartz Family Dec 1951

G Schwartz Family

Garth and Joyce Family bw

Garth Beutler Family (B-W)

Garth Beutler Family 2 (B-W)

Garth collage

Garth's Family2

Garth, letter to family, p1

Garth, letter to family, p2

Garth, letter to family, p3

Goff Schwartz Family 1951

Grandma Maude Johnson with twins Ione and Ivan

Idaho, Dayton map

Ione & Jay parents at Logan Temple

Ione & Jay with parents at graduation 1964

Ione & Lois' tiny tears doll set

Ione 2

Ione and Ivan 1957

Ione and Ivan 1958

Ione and Ivan 2

Ione and Ivan at 50

Ione and Ivan with family Feb 2 1949

Ione and Ivan with mamma, 1945

Ione and Ivan, confirmation date, May 4, 1952

Ione and Ivan

Ione and Nadine Phillips in potato field 1961

Ione and roommates at BYU

Ione homemaker award

Ione HS graduation

Ione in front of Logan Temple

Ione junior picture 60-61

Ione laughing at decorated honeymoon car

Ione wedding announcement in newspaper

Ione with parents and 3 younger brothers

Ione's doll

Ione's husband-to-be receives degree

Ione, HS yearbook picture

Ione, Pat Boone article

Ione, wedding invitation

Ione, wedding reception napkins

Ivan & Ione, Aunt Edith & .. 1945

Ivan and Lucy family, Christmas 2006

Ivan Beutler Family (b-w)

Ivan Beutler family-Ben wedding

Ivan on derrick tractor

Ivan receives PhD

Ivan, scout trip

Ivan, younger


Jensen, Bill -abt 1980

Jenson, RuthAnn, 1996 National Dairy Award 2

Jenson, RuthAnn, 1996 National Dairy Award

Jenson, RuthAnn, letter, farm debt paid page 2

Jenson, RuthAnn, letter, farm debt paid

Jenson, RuthAnn, letter, Farm Finances from Joel

Jenson, RuthAnn-Grassman

Lloyd 2

Lloyd 3

Lloyd 4

Lloyd 5

Lloyd and friends

Lloyd and Mark

Lloyd and Mark2

Lloyd at 7 months

Lloyd Beutler family 1993 (color)

Lloyd family picture with grandchildren

Lloyd grandbaby 1

Lloyd grandbaby 2 (2 children)

Lloyd grandbaby 3, Nina Bezzant 2004

Lloyd grandbaby 4, Riley

Lloyd grandbaby 5, Autumn

Lloyd on his horse, 2 years old

Lloyd's 8th birthday party, 2 Aug 1948

Lloyd, 2nd from left

Lloyd, bottom 2nd from right

Lloyd, Mark, RuthAnn & parents 1943


Lois 2

Lois 3

Lois 4

Lois and husband Joel, center

Lois and parents, HS graduation

Lois and Wesley

Lois Beutler Palmer family (b-w)

Lois Blossom

Lois farm wife

Lois party

Lois, baby Picture

Lois, friends and family

Lois, HS graduation

Lois, Ione and Melvin

Lois, Wesley, Garth, rabbits


Mamma, Ivan, Ione, Daddy, Lloyd, RuthAnn & Mark

Mark 11 months old

Mark 1953

Mark 1959

Mark 1year old with Ethel Beutler

Mark 5 months old

Mark Alan, age 10, 1973

Mark Alan, age 8, 2nd grade, 1972

Mark alone

Mark and Lloyd

Mark Beutler and family, 2005, Seth's wedding

Mark Beutler extended family Dec 2004 b-w

Mark Beutler Family, 1994

Mark Beutler Family, 1996, before Seth's mission

Mark Beutler family, Adam's wedding Aug 1987

Mark characterization of Ione in beet field

Mark grandchildren, 2008

Mark II

Mark one and one half years old

Mark with friend

Mark with glasses

Mark with grandparents Hulse, 1940

Mark, Lloyd & RuthAnn, Mamma holding Ivan & Ione

Mark, May 14, 1940

Mark, one and one half years old with father


Melvin 2

Melvin 3

Melvin and brothers

Melvin and family

Melvin Beutler Family (b-w)

Melvin Beutler Family eve picture 3

Melvin Beutler Family picture (good-color)

Melvin Beutler Family with grandchildren

Melvin Beutler Tech Admin

Melvin graduation

Melvin Jacob children Ben & Liz

Melvin on farm tractor

Melvin, 1st Lieutenant

Melvin, Aaron baby Malachi picture

Melvin, baby picture

Melvin, Garth, and Wesley, 1965

Melvin, HS graduation

Melvin, Mary baby Andrew picture

Melvin, Rebecca children, Bryant & Landon (oldest


New Dayton LDS chapel

Newspaper baptism article

obit picture, Mary Pearl Johnson (dau)

Oneida Stake Center

Palmer, adult family & spouses, 10-08

Palmer, Benton & Bonnie, 2 children, 10-08

Palmer, Bryan & Tracie, 5 children, 10-08

Palmer, Holly & Ammon, baby 10-2008

Palmer, Joel&LoisFam,children 1990

Palmer, Joel&LoisFam,children 200X

Palmer, Joel&LoisFam,children,spouses,grch,10-08 (2)

Palmer, Joel&LoisFam,children,spouses,grch,10-08

Palmer, Melanie & dog, Niels, Joelyn

Palmer, Melanie

Palmer, Nancy & Shane, 6 children, 10-08

Palmer, Nathan & Abi, 2 children, 10-08

Ralph's Store, Dayton

Ruth Ann 11 or 12

Ruth Ann and Ione dolls

Ruth Ann posterity photo, color

Ruth Ann, sewed own suit

RuthAnn & family at milking parlor

Ruthann & Morris (color)

RuthAnn 2

RuthAnn 3

RuthAnn and Mark


Sue, sitting, myself (Ione) and Jay opposite Timp

Twins Announcement

Twins, Ione and Ivan (5 yrs old)

Twins, Ione and Ivan, 1952

Twins, Ione and Ivan, 1958

Twins, Ione and Ivan, at cherry tree

Twins, Ione and Ivan, one year old

Walter Beutler family 1950

Wayne Beutler, age 5, kindergarten, Jan 1972

Wayne Beutler, age 7, 1973

Well Drilling Rig

Wesley & Roxane family Hawaii 2006

Wesley and Sheldon on beet topper

Wesley Beutler and family (1997)

Wesley Beutler, age 10

Wesley Beutler, Franklin Farmer of Year

Wesley collage

Wesley family picture 2008

Wesley Farmer of Year 2003 - 3

Wesley Farmer of Year 2003

Wesley's Danny Beutler mission

West Side High School

Winter in Dayton, 1947